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Dating is like a game of roulette, there's a chance you'll have a great night, or it could be completely terrible. But at least they make for good stories!

When Carl Wastie caught Zoƫ Brown in absolute hysterics about horrible dating stories she read on a website (read them, HERE), he couldn't help but share one of his personal experiences.

Back when he was working at a video store, he was set up to accompany a blind date to her matric ball. On the evening, he made his way to his dates house, met the family and had some snacks then waited and waited for his date before asking what was taking her so long...

The answer is guaranteed to have you in a fit of laughter!

Listen to Carl's story in the audio below!

If you're up for another bad date story, here's another banger submitted by a listener on The Flash Drive.

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Image: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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