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Lockdown Lowdown is a feature on Tuesday at 13.40 where EB Inglis brings in experts to chat about various topics that could help us during the national lockdown period.

Receiving gifts might be your love language, but not everyone speaks it. If you've feigned enthusiasm at a bad gift one too many times, we suggest that you acquaint yourself with 'Chip In'.

The newly launched Brand Hubb feature allows you to create a wishlist so you can finally get the gifts you really want - and for any occasion.

EB Inglis chats to Brand Hubb CEO Rob Anderson to learn more about the gifting e-commerce platform.

Chip In was designed as a unique gifting platform where you can create your own wishlist and you receive the gifts that you really want for any special occasion.

Rob Anderson, Brand Hubb CEO

You then share this wishlist with your friends and family... and then your friends and family can contribute towards this wishlist.

Rob Anderson, Brand Hubb CEO

A lot of people are going through tough times during this covid, we realised that this is a great way to support families, friends, even communities and shelters... now people can create lists for lets say a pet shelter: blankets, dog food and everyone can then contribute towards this...

Rob Anderson, Brand Hubb CEO

Listen to the full interview, in the audio clip below

Visit www.brandhubb.com for more information.

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