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A number of listeners have contacted CapeTalk to ask if they can claim back damages from Eskom for damage caused to electrical equipment and appliances, as well as for food that's gone to waste due to the prolonged lack of electricity, or perhaps if their insurance policy would cover them for these events.

Can one claim for damages to appliances and electrical equipment suspected to be caused by spikes in electricity when power is restored after loadshedding? Refilwe Moloto speaks to Christelle Colman of Old Mutual Insure.

Insurance is there for sudden and unforeseen events.

Christelle Colman - Old Mutual Insure

Rotting of food in fridge is covered by most policies.

Christelle Colman - Old Mutual Insure

Lots of claims for power surges, but those are covered.

The risk we see most is the power surges...It can cause a lot of damage to electrical appliances especially cell phones left charging.

Christelle Colman - Old Mutual Insure

Power surge protection unit is advised. It is better to be proactive and protect it.

Or just switch off everything before loadshedding and don't leave your phone on charge.

Fires caused by loadshedding is also a serious issue she says. She cites an example of a case where a woman unknowingly left her hairdryer on when loadhsdedding began and it caused her house to burn down. These are however accidental and the claim was fully paid, she adds.

So, it's safer to unplug your appliances before loadshedding.

But do make sure you have power surge and fire cover on your personal insurance policy, she strongly advises.

Take a listen to Refilwe's interview with Christelle Colman of Old Mutual Insure below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Tips to ensure your insurance policy covers loadshedding damage

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