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CAPE TOWN - Traffic volumes in one the country's most congested cities dropped by between 75% and 80% over the hard lockdown in April.

The City of Cape Town said that it had been collating data for the N1, N2, N7 and M5 freeways since the start of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Figures confirmed that the hard lockdown brought road traffic to a virtual halt.

Volumes went up significantly, though, in May from around 20% to 40% of traffic seen before restrictions were implemented.

And in June, volumes rose by 65% of the normal weekday levels as people started returning to work.

Road collisions decreased from 223 in March to just 33 the following month. As more people took to the roads, 60 crashes were recorded in the city in May.

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This article first appeared on EWN : Traffic in CT back up to 65% of pre-lockdown level as workers return

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