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On Tuesday night, the seal stopped traffic near Blouberg beach after it waddled its way onto dry land - on the other side of the road.

The seal paid a visit to Table View beachfront's popular bar, Pakalolo, and banged its flippers on their door - seemingly in search of food and water.

Staff at the Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre safely transported the seal to their facilities where the sea animal has been recovering.

The seal is being treated for dehydration and is currently on antibiotics. The centre says he is struggling to eat.

Staff will continue to monitor the seal and rehabilitate him until he can be safely released.

In all his years working along the beachfront, Pakalolo's owner, Michael, says he's never had such a peculiar encounter.

Michael described to CapeTalk what transpired outside his establishment's doors earlier this week.

There was a seal. It came from the beach over the six lanes... up a one-metre ramp and made its way straight to our restaurant's entrance door.

Michael, Owner - Pakalolo beach bar

He stood up and banged his flippers against the door, almost as if he was saying 'Let me in, let me in!'

Michael, Owner - Pakalolo beach bar

I was inside filming it. I couldn't believe it. We have never seen such a thing!

Michael, Owner - Pakalolo beach bar

He says Pakalolo hopes to fundraise for the seal rescue organisation in the future.

You can support the Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre with a small donation and help them to continue with their work.

Donations can be made to:

Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre

First National Bank

Account Number: 628 464 01579

Branch Code: 255355


Listen to Pakalolo's owner chat to Mike Wills:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [WATCH] Rescue centre treating injured seal that visited Table View beach bar

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