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Senseless Survey: Microwaves should come with a 'don't beep' option

Senseless Survey sees Whackhead calling an unsuspecting victim with a range of silly questions. How many will he ask before the caller hangs up? And which one will send him over the edge? Listen below to find out!

Whackhead's Prank: Counting 5 years worth of piggy bank savings

Whackhead feigns interest in purchasing the telemarketer's insurance product. He goes on to break his precious piggy bank and slowly count all his copper coins.

Whackhead's Prank: BMW fanatic's worst nightmare come true

Darren "Whackhead" Simpson calls a BMW fanatic and offers him a Toyota Yaris while his car is in the shop.

The BMW driver makes it clear that he will not be caught dead in a Toyota. When Whackhead doesn't budge, the prank victim begins to hurl abuse and insults.

Whackhead's Prank: Sloppy kisses for Jennifer

Darren "Whackhead" Simpson's Jennifer persona is known for getting herself into some interesting situations.

Following the usual MO, the young blonde pranks another middle-aged man, this time by asking him to kiss her through the phone. Prepare yourself for cringe!

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