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Craig Lucas has shared a powerful new song - listen to HAPPY on all streaming platforms, HERE.

Despite the name, Lucas says that his new track is anything but happy, "I really struggle with the concept of happiness".

Revealing the reasons behind the song on Twitter, Lucas said "I've lived my whole life with this underlying feeling of either sadness or apathy, even when things were great.

"It's a suffocating feeling. So I try to hold on to those peaceful, joyful moments for as long as I can. The release of this song is one of those moments."

The talented songwriter joined Carl Wastie on The Flash Drive to share more about his new single.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sad music. It's the thing I love singing, the thing I love writing, the thing I love listening to...

- Craig Lucas

I am really happy that I was able to record and write this song. It is a very special song to me. I hope people can see past the fact that it is sad... listen to the lyrics and try and feel what I was feeling.

- Craig Lucas

Listen to Craig Lucas' full interview with Carl and Zoe, in the audio clip, below.

It's only a matter of time before Craig Lucas' 'HAPPY' will find itself on the charts joining 'Hearts Exposed' and 'Smother' - both of which reached number 1 status on the Kfm Top40SA with Carl Wastie!

HAPPY is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen, here: https://craiglucas.lnk.to/Happy

Image Source: Twitter/Craigycracks

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