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Lockdown Lowdown is a segment on Tuesday's and Thursdays at 13.40 where EB Inglis brings in experts to chat about various topics that could help us during the national lockdown period.

Video calls have become part of daily life since the coronavirus pandemic hit, helping those working from home and keeping families connected.

EB Inglis chats to Mandla Ngcobo about Quickchat - a free and proudly local video conferencing platform he created to help individuals during the lockdown.

It's a platform where you quickly pin off a meeting, pop a link and share it with your friends and you're up and running.

- Mandla Ngcobo, Founder of Accelerit Technologies

We want to attract as many people as we can on the platform so we can eventually develop custom-made solutions for enterprises. Those will likely have tiers where people pay, but for individuals we want it to remain free forever.

- Mandla Ngcobo, Founder of Accelerit Technologies

It was born out of the frustration that we in our organisation - Accelerit Technologies, we're a fibre company... when we would have our meetings there would be a lot of congestion, so the quality wouldn't be where it needed to be... we needed something more reliable.

- Mandla Ngcobo, Founder of Accelerit Technologies

To get started on the video conferencing platform, visit www.quickchat.co.za

Listen to Mandla Ngcobo's in conversation with EB Inglis, below...

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