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Grade 11 pupils at Rondebosch Boys' High School have decided to donate the money they would have spent on their matric ball next year, to a local soup kitchen which feeds the underprivileged in these tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Refilwe Moloto speaks to Howard Davids of NGO Howards' Soup Kitchen, and member of the school's SRC, Cameron De Kock.

De Kock explains that it was the funds raised for next year's matric dance, so it is not the current matric dance money.

We as a grade decided to do an external fundraiser for the school where we independently organised an event and we raised about R11,000 profit.

Cameron de Kock, SRC member - Rondebosch Boys

He says the plan had been to donate that money to next year's matric dance, but then during lockdown he visited numerous feeding schemes and soup kitchens where he volunteers with a teacher at the school Mr Slingers.

That is how they connected with Howard's Soup Kitchen.

When I saw the condition that people were living in and the need for food and funding there I just knew the money needed to go to somewhere that would make a change.

Cameron de Kock, SRC member - Rondebosch Boys

He says the entire grade voted and agreed to donate the money to the soup kitchen.

Howard Davids who runs the soup kitchen chats to Refilwe about the gesture.

Davids says he and his wife have been feeding people for the past 18 years.

Mr Slingers brought some of the boys to Lavender Hill and one of the informal settlements where we serve people and that's where it all started. Cameron was so taken aback that he went back and spoke to the others in his grade.

Howard Davids - Howard's Soup Kitchen

The pupils then got involved in making food parcels and becoming more involved.

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