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When Jimmy Nevis released his latest single, ‘Hey Jimmy’ on the 17th of April, Carl Wastie caught up with him on the Flash Drive and – and then did something very unprecedented: he called up local psychic-medium, Psychic Emma, and got her prediction on how well Jimmy’s song would do on the chart.

Psychic Emma mentioned that the number 6 was prominent… how prominent? We didn’t quite realize until now... Whilst, many will have taken what Psychic Emma said with a pinch of salt, we are seeing a pattern.

  • Jimmy Nevis' 'Hey Jimmy' reached the number 1 spot on the 6th of June.
  • The track has remained at number 1 for the entire 6th month of the year (June).

The one question that remains is will it stay there for another 2 weeks – making it a no.1 for 6 weeks in a row? Your requests, streams and downloads can make that happen. So, keep showing support for Jimmy Nevis and let’s see how much further the prophecy goes…

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Image: Supplied / Brigford Photography

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