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A mountain of frozen chicken has built up in chicken-producing countries after demand evaporated during the various lockdowns amid continuing production.

That stockpile will soon be unloaded on South Africa.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Francois Baird, founder at FairPlay, an organisation fighting for jobs by fighting against predatory trade practices by our trading partners.

The price benefit doesn’t reach the people at the bottom…

Francois Baird, founder - FairPlay

South Africa has enough food. The problem is getting it into the hands of poor people… There are enough chicken, milk and other agriculture products coming from South Africa…

Francois Baird, founder - FairPlay

Food security should be the major risk the government should manage...

Francois Baird, founder - FairPlay

The attitude is, let’s put them on ships and we’ll figure out where to dump it when the time comes… Start now! Bring those cases now! These companies have been dumping before Covid-19…

Francois Baird, founder - FairPlay

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : A mountain of frozen chicken is about to be dumped on South Africa

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