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Metrorail is set to resume the operation of its Southern Line under relaxed Level 3 lockdown regulations.

Metrorail Western Cape spokesperson Riana Scott says this line was chosen to restart first because, in view of extensive looting, the infrastructure could still accommodate the service.

We've seen widescale and almost industrial-scale looting. The only people that were not Covid-compliant were the metal thieves - they continued unabated. On top of that you could see as the lockdown lengthened and people started getting desperate, all kinds of other looting that you don't normally get - classrooms and in our case stations were broken into...

Riana Scott, Spokesperson - Metrorail Western Cape

We literally had to look at what could we do first of all, because we had very specific regulations from the Ministry of Transport under what conditions we could start

Riana Scott, Spokesperson - Metrorail Western Cape

Trains will run between Cape Town and Retreat - out of 18 stations, 5 will remain closed.

Each station in operation will be allotted a number of tickets for sale.

This means, initially at least, that no monthly tickets will be sold. Weekly tickets should be available a few days before a specific week commences.

The normal Covid regulations will be in force Scott says.

[Taking into account all the relevant factors] we then came out with a number of tickets on sale per station... We will have dedicated entrance, dedicated exits. Once the dedicated number of tickets are sold a sold-out sign will go up at the station.

Riana Scott, Spokesperson - Metrorail Western Cape

No mask no entry. Your hands will be sanitized when you come in, you're going to have to adhere to the physical distance markers. We've done everything we can to comply with the regulations.

Riana Scott, Spokesperson - Metrorail Western Cape

The turnaround times of the trains at the terminal and end stations will be longer of necessity because the trains need to be disinfected on turnaround.

Riana Scott, Spokesperson - Metrorail Western Cape

Because passengers are required to wear face masks, no eating or drinking will be allowed at stations and on trains.

See Metrorail's demonstration video below:

Stress testing and customer feedback as the Southern Line resumes operation will inform which services open up next Scott says

I think the next one will be a shuttle service between Retreat and Fish Hoek, again because of the infrastructure that's able to accommodate it. Probably the next logical line will be Northern Line, possibly via Monte Vista.

Riana Scott, Spokesperson - Metrorail Western Cape

For more detail, listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Metrorail to resume limited train service on CT-Retreat Southern Line

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