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MediSpace Lifestyle Institute founder Dr Tshidi Gule says remote working is undoing what people have been conditioned to know about the working environment.

She says the traditional working environment is a destination away from home, space where colleagues see each other and also a place where people are led by someone.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some people had to turn their homes into offices and work remotely.

Speaking to Azania Mosaka, Gule says the workplace culture is an entrenched model and that is why people are having anxiety transitioning out.

People are undoing and unlearning what they have been conditioned for many years.

Dr Tshidi Gule, Founder - MediSpace Lifestyle Institute

When we are working professionals there is a behaviour that comes with it from Monday to Friday. There is an entire disruption to a weekday model of mobility.

Dr Tshidi Gule, Founder - MediSpace Lifestyle Institute

Gule says mental distress happens because there is a longing for the support structure.

Mental health access needs to be a norm without the stigma.

Dr Tshidi Gule, Founder - MediSpace Lifestyle Institute

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