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Award-winning artist Sho Madjozi has teamed up with TikTok in a campaign encouraging South Africans to stay positive during this trying time.

The Tsonga rapper released new track #SpiritsUP along with a fun dance challenge.

Madjozi shot to international fame on the global music platform COLORS, where she performed her song "John Cena".

In late 2019, Madjozi appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about the song. While performing as a guest, John Cena came from backstage to surprise her.

Watch the TikTok video for "Spirits Up" below:


Keep your ##SPIRITSUP ❤️🌸 ☀️we can do this 🙏🏽

♬ Spirit Up - Sho Madjozi

Ahead of the #SPIRITSUP launch, Darren, Sherlin and Sibs caught up with the superstar on Kfm Mornings.

With this song, right now you can't find it anywhere but TikTok... that also speaks to TikTok becoming a music and art platform on its own.

- Sho Madjozi

TikTok is going to introduce this new feature where you can post longer videos, and that's really exciting to see as a musician... the more platforms for us, the better.

- Sho Madjozi

Listen to Kfm Mornings' full interview with Sho Madjozi below.

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