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Despite the introduction of movie-going under the current lockdown Level 3 regulations(with a limit of 50 people at a time), it will be a while before you can go and enjoy a movie on the big screen, with slushies and popcorn without worrying about COVID-19.

However, it doesn't mean we have to put baby in the corner, does it?

No! No one puts Baby in the corner!


Enter, "The Last Act", a feature every weekday where Carl and Zoe bring you a movie and re-enact a classic scene from said movie.

Today was no different and the scene had a twist, as usual.

Cue: Egoli's theme music
Cue: Riaan Cruywagen suiwer Afrikaans.

Can you guess the movie?

The Last Act.
Every weekday on The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie at 6.50 pm.

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