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How many times have you looked at your kitchen unit and thought about getting rid of it?

If bringing kitsch back was a thing in 2020, your kitchen would be the very last place anyone would use as a template of what kitsch in the modern era would like.

It served it's purpose when you moved in but now, it's more than an eyesore and it just doesn't fit your style at all.

Before you get rid of that piece of "junk", how about giving it a new lease on life?

Maybe all it needed was just a new coat of paint.

Carl spoke with Kaylyn Lawry, founder of Kay's Creative Painting Designs on Biz Boost on the Flash Drive, about her humble beginnings in 2015.

From buying people's old and soon to be discarded furniture, to restoring it and selling it on Facebook market groups, to doing complete renovations and guiding you through the process.

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