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Lockdown has been tough on many, especially small businesses and Igshaan Heneke felt the gut-punch after being retrenched.

However, the lockdown gave Ighsaan a chance to go into his passion for art, fulltime, and started his business, Iggi Art.

Originally a tattoo artist and tattoos not being seen as an essential service during lockdown, Igshaan was forced to change tack and started doing commission work and also expand into the world customisation of sneakers.

Carl spoke to "Iggy" about his passion for art and his business Iggi Art on BizBoost on The Flash Drive, and how art has helped him on a personal level but also his innovation, especially during lockdown where businesses are either closing shop or have stopped all operations.

If you're looking to commission artwork or looking to customise and pimp your kicks, Iggi Art is your one-stop shop to get it all done!

Here's a video of Iggy, creating his masterpiece of none other than Carl Wastie!

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