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We live in a time where kids are exposed to all forms of technology at every corner from a young age.

From billboards and Smart TVs to cellphones and tablets in the home.

Yet the expression of choice in their growth of understanding the world, understanding who they are and expressing what they see through eyes, they choose the humble pencil or crayon and paper.

We beam with pride and encourage them to go wild and draw outside the lines and whatever they choose to be, then can be that.

But what if in expressing themselves, the simple box of 24 crayons, doesn't have the crayon to fully depict who they are?

Carl spoke to husband and wife team, Justin and Kylee Faure on Biz Boost, whose company, Colour Me Kids, recently launched(yep, under lockdown) a box of skin-toned crayons, with the tagline “stationery for the skin you're in”.

Drawing a self-image is one of the most critical a child does in the expression of who they are and then you tell them "there's peach and there's brown. Choose one" and that's not who they are.

Kylee Faure - co founder of Colour Me Kids.

Giving back

Lockdown has been tough not only on small businesses but also in the employment sector with many unfortunately either losing their jobs or can't find employment.

Justin and Kylee have been fortunate enough to provide temporary employment to ladies who've lost jobs and income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, five percent of the profits from products purchased will go towards educating underprivileged children in South Africa.

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