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Despite messages circulating on social media over the last few days government says it doesn't plan to reinstitute the alcohol ban.

While that may be good news for those who last week spent hours queuing outside bottle stores for their first legal booze purchase since the start of lockdown it's bad news for the country's trauma units.

Hospitals across South Africa say they're being stretched by patients being admitted with alcohol-related injuries.

ER24's Russell Meiring spoke to CapeTalk's Aubrey Masango.

We've seen quite an increase with incidents related to alcohol whether that be domestic abuse, as well as general trauma involving alcohol, which can also include driving under the influence.

 Russell Meiring, Spokesperson - ER24

Despite the increase in admissions, Meiring says he's not sure the problem would be solved simply by reintroducing the alcohol ban:

There's a behaviour attitude we need to change. Obviously banning it previously pushed it underground.

 Russell Meiring, Spokesperson - ER24

So maybe not a ban, but limiting the amount that people can acquire.

 Russell Meiring, Spokesperson - ER24

On Monday Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane announced that he would be petitioning the government to reinstate the alcohol ban in that province.

Listen to the full interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Is it time to reinstate the booze ban?

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