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As we're living life in levels and currently under Level 3, the lockdown has affected many, especially small businesses, negatively.

This was the case to RWV Woodwork and Joinery, who started their business from humble beginnings as a way to generate extra income.

Carl spoke to Robyn van der Venter, co-founder of RWV Woodwork and Joinery on The Flash Drive's feature, called Biz Boost, to uplift small businesses and get their name out to the masses.

If your office or home space needs a revamp, done by professionals with 40 years experience, then RWV Woodwork and Joinery's for you.


Contact Robyn at RWVwoodworks2020@gmail.com.

Biz Boost is every weekday, Monday to Friday at 4.35 pm on The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie.

If you have a business or know of someone who's business could do with a boost, email Carl at Carl@kfm.co.za

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