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Senseless Survey sees Whackhead calling an unsuspecting victim with a range of silly questions. How many will he ask before the caller hangs up? And which one will send him over the edge? Listen below to find out!

We're not sure how, but Whackhead convinces his prank victim to take her learner's licence test over the phone. As expected, he asks a series of unrelated and ridiculous questions. Listen to the full prank, below!

Whackhead pulls off his riskiest prank yet! He convinces a bride-to-be that her fiancé is looking to switch the diamonds in her engagement ring to cubic zirconia. Her reactionhas us in absolute stitches! Listen below.

Whackhead's prank victim bought a stunning dining room table for his home. He's not happy with the purchase after 6 months and demands that the furniture store repair the pricey table at no charge. Whackhead plays a cheeky store representative and gets his poor victim riled up. Listen to the hilarious prank, below!

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