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The cold front that swept in from the west of South Africa on Monday has gone right across the country bringing snow to most of the SA and Lesotho.

Temperatures in parts of the country plunged to minus 10 degrees Celsius and even colder in some parts of the Eastern Cape.

WeatherSA forecasts the cold, wet weather to persist the rest of the week, warming up ever-so-slightly by on Saturday with beautiful sunny weather expected on Sunday.

Lester Kiewit (in for Kieno Kammies) interviewed Richard le Sueur of SnowReportSA.

The front swept in from the west and has gone right across the country… We’ve had snow on the Western Cape mountains, the Southwestern Cape and through the Southern Cape and into the Eastern Cape. Also, in Lesotho and the Northern Cape, so Sutherland had some snow. So, pretty much widespread snow.

Richard le Sueur, SnowReportSA

This snow-event came down to below 1500 metres [above sea-level]. We’ve got ground-level snow in quite a few places … down to minus 10 degrees or colder in some parts of the Eastern Cape…

Richard le Sueur, SnowReportSA

I think we’re going to see a pretty chilly winter…

Richard le Sueur, SnowReportSA

We feel for all the accommodation places… they’re completely dying…

Richard le Sueur, SnowReportSA

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Snow falls on Western Cape mountains – expect a chilly winter (SnowReportSA)

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