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Every Thursday, Carl and Zoe get to know you better by asking you 10 Questions on The Flash Drive.
However, there's a twist. You have to answer Yes or No and based on what you say yes or no to, they guess what your occupation is.

Santie Prinsloo got texting and challenged Carl and Zoe to guess what she does for a living.


Carl and Zoe got to ask Santie five questions each and guess at the end.
The guesses are quite hilarious.

Listen below.

Yep! There are wolves in South Africa.
How many there are, we're not sure and no, Jacob's is not one of them.

As people fall in love with exotic animals, many think that they would make for cute and cuddly pets.
Unfortunately, the adorable balls for fluff grow up and become more than just a handful so now what?

Santie works for the Garden Route Wolf Sanctuary, situated between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.

The sanctuary rescues and takes care of abandoned wild animals including wolves and their aim is to educate you about these wonderful creatures who in most instances, can't ever return to the wild.

Have an interesting occupation that gets everyone talking?
Tune into the What Do You Do, every Thursday at 3.20 pm on The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie.

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