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If I'm being honest, all food is comfort food. Especially now that we're more at home and working from home. Under all the pressures, at home is where you need a bowl full of something warm, familiar, or a slice of something sweet life trifle just to make you feel that the world is a safer place.


With lockdowns enacted globally, the options of going to a restaurant for a meal, or popping out to the grocery store for fresh ingredients is now harder.

Still, you got to eat, and eat well but where and who's going to make it?

Worry no more.

Carl got to chat with Chantal Fernandez, the mastermind, soul, and heart behind Chantal's Traditional Cooking and Baking on the Flash Drive.

From the classic roasts to curries to baked cheesecakes and other sweet treats, Chantal's soul, heart, and love can be seen and felt in every dish.

Here's her story.

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