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It’s crazy, but mountains of perfectly good food are being dumped on landfills each day because the “best before” date has passed.

In fact, about a third of all the food South Africa produces ends up as waste, despite a quarter of South African households being at constant risk of hunger, according to the CSIR.

Foodeez buys dated (as well as short-dated) and damaged non-perishable food from suppliers who would otherwise have thrown it away.

It then sells the food – usually tins, bottles and other nonperishables – straight to the public.

The most well-loved brands often go for half the price you’d pay in the supermarket.

Foodeez doesn’t allow bulk buying.

There is a Foodeez store in Brackenfell, Diep River, Parow, Milnerton, Strand, Fish Hoek, Wynberg, Parklands, Oudtshoorn and Grahamstown.

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Refilwe Moloto interviewed Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez.

They spoke about the safety of eating food beyond the “best before” date and whether such items can be donated to feed hungry people.

We have a lot of CapeTalk listeners who buy at our shops. Kieno did an interview with me about three or four years ago and we got an explosion of CapeTalk listeners who started shopping at Foodeez.

Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez

We shouldn’t be talking about expired food – that’s not correct. We deal with non-perishable food products with a ‘best before’ date on it… ‘best before’ doesn’t mean ‘bad after’… they’re good for many, many years after that date.

Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez

Regular supermarkets don’t sell them after the ‘best before’ date. Instead of getting dumped at landfill sites, we buy it, then sell directly to consumers at a very discounted rate.

Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez

We see a lot of first-time customers… We’re also seeing people who are supporting food initiatives… 70% of our shoppers are retired people battling to make ends meet… It’s already pretty mainstream…

Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez

It’s against the law to donate food that is past the ‘best before’ date… It’s not a grey area, it’s pretty clear…

Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez

Try something that’s a pre- and post-date – you won’t tell the difference!

Dave Bester, Managing Director of Foodeez

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Buy hugely discounted, perfectly good food beyond its 'best before' date

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