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Her band, Hotline, lasted for seven years and produced some of the biggest local hits of the 1980s.

Penelope Jane Dunlop, much better known as the musician PJ Powers, talks to The Money Show about how she became PJ Powers and her road to success.

I was very overweight and can you imagine the field day the press was going to have with Dunlop - like a ball or a tyre! Imagine 'PJ rolls onto stage'! And I was always called PJ because Penelope Jane was too long.

PJ Powers - musician

I was with an all-girl band. I was 17 years old. We entered a talent competition. The judges were The Bats. We won. That was when I made my big move up to Jozi.

PJ Powers

I like to think I used my voice to the best of my ability. I'm still involved in social justice programmes. I like to think that I will always be part of the liberation of people, whether it be educationally, socially...

PJ Powers

Listen to the full interview with PJ Powers about her life and her money lessons, below.

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