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With Level 4 lockdown in effect, that means a lot more cars are on the road and so are traffic officials, to make sure that everyone who should be on the road is and adhering to the rules of the road.

It's protocol.

Carl Wastie shared with Zoe Brown on The Flash Drive, that he got stopped for the very first time today since the lockdown has been in effect.

As anyone would do, he showed the officer his papers.

Everything was in order but didn't expect what happened next.

Listen below

Do you remember this ad back in the day?

The Golf Mk1's have been the vehicle of choice to move people since 1984.

VW may have been discontinued the hatchback but it's still in the blood of many in South Africa.

Besides its cheap running costs, one can see why Carl loves it so much and why for many, it's still the "people mover" of choice.

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