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Employees have become more dependent on these virtual meetings amid the Covid-19 lockdown. But some meetings can be ineffective or even unnecessary.

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Davis says managers need to think carefully about what requires people's time and thinking capacity, and what can be communicated in an email.

She says structure and specificity are key to making virtual meetings work.

Here are some of her tips:

  • have a very clear intention for the virtual meeting
  • the meetings need to be run in a slower format
  • have someone chair the virtual meeting to help keep order
  • have agenda points and a clear time frame for the meeting
  • take pauses and check with others for questions and comments
  • always have your microphone default on mute
  • turn your video on, where possible (to see body language and facial expressions)
  • allow some time for personal reflections before the formal start of the meeting

Hopefully, this [lockdown] is going to give us a chance to reevaluate all the face-to-face meetings we have been having.

Lauren Davis, Clinical Psychologist and Coach

Instead of getting everybody around the table, you could send an email. I think we're already learning that skill.

Lauren Davis, Clinical Psychologist and Coach

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