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A number of civil society groups around the country responded to the national lockdown by providing shelter to homeless people.

Joanne Joseph speaks to various organisations in Gauteng who have responded to the call about the challenges they face and why they opened up their centres.

Tshwane Leadership Foundation's Wilna de Beer says they have partnered with churches and the City of Tshwane to provide more shelter to those in need.

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Between the churches and the NGOs there are about 14 shelters and we have about 700 people. The City of Tshwane has about 500 people and they are erecting more shelters every day.

Wilna de Beer, Tshwane Leadership Foundation 

They get medical care, social work services and social work integration.

Wilna de Beer, Tshwane Leadership Foundation 

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Dr Jan Heese who is involved in the COSUP programme says they are working hand-in-hand with the centres to help those addicted to drugs not to get sick from withdrawal symptoms.

We saw over 600 individuals in the shelters when the lockdown started who wanted help.

Dr Jan Heese, COSUP programme

In the City of Johannesburg, Mould Empower Serve CEO Leona Pienaar says there are various centre in the City run by NGOs and the City.

We run two shelters and various feeding centres. We are looking after 150 people in the two centres of for men and the other for women.

 Leona Pienaar, CEO - Mould Empower Serve

SANCA national coordinator Andrie Vermeulen says in the ten centres they are working with they have seen many people who left within a matter of days.

We have seen some success stories but we have seen a lot of people not completing their course and leaving the centres.

Adrie Vermeulen, National coordinator - SANCA

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