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Every Monday, mid-mornings host Tracey Lange calls up a local going above and beyond to uplift their community.

This week, Tracey chats to Goodwood local, Randal Ram.

Ram owns a florist in Parow, but with the lockdown in place, he is unable to work.

Despite no steady income, he has opened his heart and home to four homeless people in his community.

Randal has dipped into his business savings to ensure these people have shelter, regular meals, clean clothing and a warm bath.

Covid-19 lockdown has actually just steered my motivation to help the community into the direction of where I pitched a tent, took in four homeless people and feeding them, clothing them and making sure that they have the love, warmth and comfort that everyone needs.

- Randal Ram, Goodwood local

If you would like to help Randal, please send us an email at kfm@kfm.co.za

Listen to Randal Ram's full story, below.


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