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Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!
It's all you hear and see everywhere.

What about the news from everyday people?

The news about Jerome who finally, after a hundred or so attempts made dinner without the fire brigade getting involved


Casey discovers her voice

Carl and Zoe heard about Casey who discovered her voice!
If we didn't know better, she'd be a definite contender for The Voice SA or Idols SA!

Listen below

As the adage goes, "Happy wife, happy life" and a husband somewhere made his wife proud after quitting Call Of Duty to celebrate their 1-year wedding anniversary, albeit for a few hours.

Hubby's story might not be deserving of a Bell's, but gets our stamp of approval and definitely wifey's too.


To wrap up your Feel Great News Report, Carl finds a burning bush and Zoe discovers she got skills when it comes to a naai masjien.

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