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With the national lockdown being extended, many South Africans are dealing with continued various anxieties concerning their physical wellbeing. The government has urged people to stay at home but how does one use their space to work out and try remain consistent? Author and Biokineticist Letshego Zulu says the first step is finding out what works for you.

If any form of physical activity feels like a chore, then its not for you

Letshego Zulu, Author and Biokineticist

Zulu lists activities such as dancing, gardening and walking as things people could do to keep busy whilst at home. “If you don’t like jumping around and doing aerobics but you prefer something a whole lot slower like stretching and pilates, then that could work for you”

When asked about the inconvenience of having to exercise from home, in confined spaces, Zulu says we don’t need gym facilities to work out. “This particular period is the best time to show that your own little square meter can be enough to have a workout.” She says.

“I think we are overthinking it. Yes we have been taken out of our routines but now is the time to shift things and make them work for ourselves” Zulu adds.

She has also placed great emphasis on parents finding a great balance between working from home and inv
“Playing with the kids, whether its bouncing around or doing bunny hops in the garden helps. Play with the kids…as a prop and partner. My daughter watches Youtube for kids and some of these videos have actions such as dancing, jumping and twirling. Join in and make it fun for them because they have lots of energy they need to burn”

Letshego’s top 5 tips to surviving lockdown:

1. Get yourself an accountability friend. They don’t have to be living with you but this is the friend that will wake you up when you don’t feel like working out.

2. Plan your meals…yes we all have a lot of time on our hands but not everyone is into meal prepping but give it a think ahead of time and make it fun – add colour!

3. Choose foods that are higher in protein. These will keep you full for longer and decrease chances of you overeating

4. For those with children, involve them in routines and make it fun for them.

5. For those with children, involve them in routines and make it fun for them.

This article first appeared on 702 : Letshego Zulu shares wellness tips on how to survive the lockdown

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