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Ahead of the commencement of the current lockdown last month, the Justice Department issued a statement in which it confirmed that 'Our courts are open and the administration of justice will not be compromised.'

However, it added that it would also be necessary to 'curtail the number of persons in our courtroom, court precincts and justice service points.'

So what has this meant in practice? A number of listeners contacted The Today Show with Kieno Kammies to ask for clarification, particularly around matters relating to child maintenance and domestic violence.

Advocate Hishaam Mohammed, former provincial head of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and now MP for Grassy Park was on hand to help answer your questions.

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All first-time applications for maintenance, as well as enforcement of orders for maintenance, are still business as usual at the court.

Advocate Hishaam Mohammed, MP for Grassy Park

We heard that in Goodwood Court the maintenance section was closed, but that has since been opened after intervention by civil society.

Advocate Hishaam Mohammed, MP for Grassy Park

Yesterday afternoon, my constituency office in Grassy Park dealt with a matter on a protection order. Within an hour and twenty minutes, the order was granted at Wynberg Magistrates Court and executed by Grassy Park police.

Advocate Hishaam Mohammed, MP for Grassy Park

Listen to the full conversation below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Courts WILL enforce child maintenance orders under lockdown

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