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In a span of just a few weeks, the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent 21-day lockdown has delivered a tough blow to businesses in an already struggling economy.

What can small businesses do, and how can we as customers help them?

Kfm Mornings call on The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield to better explain the impact, what businesses can do and how we can help them.

Set up an appointment with your favourite small business and say please come to my house to do the following jobs and give me a quote, please. When they send you that quote, pay them today.

- Bruce Whitfield

Pay them now, because you have got a job that's given you an income - ja your income has been affected, everybody's income has been affected - but paying forward for a service in the future in the belief and in the faith, and in the trust that your favourite provider will still be standing.

- Bruce Whitfield

What you are giving them is cashflow now to help them through this crisis, to let them survive.

- Bruce Whitfield

And if you are a small business owner, give a discount, give a benefit, a bonus.

Listen to the full interview below:

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