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Self-care is important during this lockdown period to help keep our spirits and moods lifted.

Tracey Lange speaks lockdown haircare with International Stylist and hair guru, Reto Carmichael of Reto HQ.

This is an incredible opportunity for us to give back to our selves, to our spirit, to our souls, to our bodies and of course, to our hair.

- Reto Carmichael of Reto HQ

Wash your hair less often, let the natural oils freely do their work. If you have a natural bristle brush, brush your hair a lot.

- Reto Carmichael of Reto HQ

This is the time to treat your hair and give back because you're not going out, you're not socialising.

- Reto Carmichael of Reto HQ

For more tips, including how to wash and treat your hair, listen to Tracey Lange's full interview with Reto Carmichael, below.

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