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Every weekday during the lockdown period, Tracey Lange calls up a local celebrity to find out how they're coping at home.

In this clip, Tracey Lange connects with Suidooster actress, Jawaahier Petersen.

The mom of two shares how she's been entertaining her young kids during the lockdown.

Because they're in different age groups, I mean, in terms of different stages of development it was quite tricky in the beginning to find something that would occupy them both.

- Jawaahier Petersen, Suidooster Actress

But now we're at the point where we wing it.

- Jawaahier Petersen, Suidooster Actress

I think the mistake, in the beginning, was trying to live a normal life in an abnormal circumstance.

- Jawaahier Petersen, Suidooster Actress

We're now at the point where organically we'll just do what the day brings us and not think about it too much and not stress about it too much.

- Jawaahier Petersen, Suidooster Actress

What else has Jawaahier Petersen been doing other than childcare to keep herself busy? Listen to Tracey Lange's full interview with the actress, below!


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