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Dan Mace is a Cape Town-born filmmaker based in Los Angeles. On 21 March 2020, he tested positive for COVID-19 - the 67th case in the Western Cape.

The 30-year-old joined weekday lunchtime host EB Inglis to share his story.

Dan explains that he assumed that his severe symptoms were due to work stress.

On the 19th of February when I was in LA, I started feeling sick, but not like a usual sick feeling. I woke up with extreme night sweats, I had fatigue like I’ve never felt before, I had shortness of breath.

This was before the international media outbreak – at the time the virus was only reported in Wuhan, China.

I started feeling worse and worse for a few days. I couldn’t go outside, I was bedridden. It’s kind of like the feeling of an aggressive flu.

When Dan tried to get up on the morning of the 23rd of February, he fainted. And then decided it was time to reach out to a doctor.

I immediately called my business partner who got a doctor to come to our residence in LA and while waiting for that doctor, I called another doctor who is a family friend of ours who asked me questions like have I been to China recently.

After requesting a coronavirus test from his visiting doctor, Dan was told that they do not have any testing facilities currently in the States and that he most likely has an aggressive flu that will become pneumonia.

He was given medication for pain and an anti-biotic.

By the first of March he felt better and for the next few days resumed his social activities.

The filmmaker then flew home to Cape Town on the 12th of March ahead of his wedding later that month.

Listen to the full story including how he received his positive diagnoses in the audio clip, below:

Dan Mace shared first shared his story on his YouTube channel, watch below:

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