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To help restrict the spread of coronavirus, South Africa is facing a 21-day National Lockdown starting on Thursday evening.

If anyone knows how not to go crazy during isolation, it's an astronaut.

EB Inglis spoke with Colonel Chris Hadfield - the first Canadian to walk in space.

Hadfield recently posted a video to YouTube called Astronaut's Guide to Self Isolation (below) to help those struggling with working from home or just feeling crazy during the pandemic.

Who is Chris Hadfield?

I'm a Canadian. I've flown in space three times. I commanded the International Space Station. I flew and helped build the Russian international space station and piloted a Russian spaceship. I used to be a military pilot and a test pilot and I am an engineer"

On his tips for self-isolation

I spent about half a year living off the earth. And its in a place where there is constant risk, just outside your door.

You're completely isolated from everybody else.

Don't just be afraid, but just actually find out the danger. Visit a credible source to find out the risks for you and your family and how to mitigate them. This way you have something to base your actions on - and not just a generic fear.

There are specific things that everyone should know about this pandemic. Don't believe all the rumours, don't go to the gossip sites. Go to a credible medical authority site.

Know your constraints. Whether it's financial or with a national lockdown, freedom of movement.

Find out your constraints so you know what you are dealing with.

Set yourself some goals. Build a plan of what you want to do in those constraints.

Give yourself a mission. What are my objectives? I've got these new constraints, I've got this new risk that I am facing but that's not the end of everything.

Once you have an understanding of risk, constraints and you've set goals - Take action!

Just start doing one by one. Always have this job jar list of things to do.

Chris Hadfield has a book called “An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth” that teaches you how to prepare and think like an astronaut without having to leave the planet.

For more details, visit https://chrishadfield.ca/books/

Listen to the full interview with Colonel Chris Hadfield, below:

Watch Colonel Chris Hadfield's Guide to Self Isolation, below: