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Toilet roll has become one of the most sought after items, as coronavirus-inspired panic buying has left shelves bare across the country.

With images of empty shelves becoming commonplace, many major supermarket chains have clamped down on bulk buying to make sure that everyone gets more than a sheet of their favorite bog roll and limit customers to a certain amount of units they can buy.

But do you really know how much toilet paper you need?


When you run out of toilet paper... ##coronavirus ##foryoupage ##comedy

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Carl asked Zoe a few questions just to find out how much toilet paper she needs, based on her habits.

But how do you calculate that, Carl?


To give you a better idea, Carl found a new online toilet roll calculator!
That's how.

So now that your garage is stocked up and your cars have to park outside. How much do you actually need?
Use the calculator below.

How Much Toilet Paper?! The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator

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