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President Cyril Ramaphosa implemented travel bans with immediate effect after declaring the COVID-19 outbreak a national disaster on Sunday.

The announcement by the president has put a lot of people in panic mode and many have questions that need answering.

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Eusebius McKaiser and health researcher Dr Shakira Choonara dedicate an entire hour to answering children's questions on the virus.

My 15-year-old brother has asthma, does that mean he is at more risk than the average teenage boy?

Rebecca, Caller

As the virus is developing, more evidence is being gathered and it is difficult to give a definite answer to Rebecca's question, says Choonara.

Because Rebecca's brother is younger and younger people are showing greater immunity to the virus, it may be in his favour, but it is important for everyone to take precautions during this time.

Dr Shakira Choonara, Health researcher

Kgosi questions when the coronavirus will end?

Like any other disease, once we find medicine for it, we can help manage it.

Dr Shakira Choonara, Health researcher

To track the latest developments around the coronavirus both in South Africa and abroad, click on this live status report from Strategix.

Listen below to other questions that children had for the host and the expect:

This article first appeared on 702 : SA kids get opportunity to ask pertinent questions on COVID-19

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