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Women are living in fear on South Africa due to the rise of gender-based violence.

Two Uber drivers shared conversations that take place in their cars of women expressing their fear of even walking on the streets.

Speaking on the Eusebius McKaiser Show during the open line, Moses says he was moved yesterday when three female students shared how scared they are of leaving their commune.

I am an Uber driver and yesterday I was in the Menlyn area. I transported these three ladies from a restaurant to their commune and they spoke about how scared they are of this man who hides behind these danger boxes and waits to pounce on them and attack them.

Moses, Caller

To hear the sound of terror and fear in their voices actually shifted me. One of them said she is scared to even go out of their yard because of this young man. The other one couldn't stop saying how scared she is to be in that area. This issue of gender-based violence and domestic violence is so disturbing.

Moses, Caller

The situation is so bad and the ladies are living in fear. It is so painful is to live in fear. Maybe us as guys don't understand how bad the situation is but it is so bad. I didn't realise how bad the situation until I met ladies and they shared their fear.

Siyabonga, Caller

Listen to the full interview below...

This article first appeared on 702 : 'Maybe us as guys don't understand how bad gender-based violence is'

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