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Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert, chooses his favourite and least favourite advertisements.

The hero award goes to Nando's response to the "mouldy Whopper" ad.

I think Burger King was looking the other way at McDonald's when Nando's came zooming in. Burger King in America was making reference to the fact that people said a Big Mac would survive nuclear war because it's packed with preservatives. So Burger King filmed a Whopper, free of preservatives, deteriorating over 34 days. But I think they took their eye off the competititon, because just as they were counting the praises they got for the stunt, along comes Nando's. They show the rotten Whopper on one plate and the other a completely empty plate, showing what happens to their burger after three minutes.

Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert

Nando's answer to the ad is shown in the picture of the two burgers below.

Pompous TV ads like the ones below from PMD insurance and Turkish airlines, get the Zero award.

You need in advertising to have credibility. If you have a tone of voice make sure it's something we, the audience, recognise. The PMD ad is the most pompous load of overclaimed garbage I have heard in a long time. It takes itself far too seriously.

Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert

Listen to the full interview with Andy Rice on the reasons for his choices, below.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Nando's reply to a mouldy burger - the best and the worst ads of the week

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