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Social media's aflame with outrage (mainly) after it became known that Lay's is discontinuing its classic salt and vinegar flavoured chips.

Diehard fans are gutted - one even says the crisps are her go-to cure for flu.

The news broke after a consumer asked the company why she couldn't find her favourite flavour on supermarket shelves.

CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies asks marketing analyst Chris Moerdyk what's really behind the move.

Moerdyk says there's no mystery behind Lay's decision - the biggest chipmaker in the world found that salt and vinegar is the least popular flavour in all their markets, including South Africa.

And, they're also aware of the health dangers of consuming too much salt.

There are 500 people at most getting really annoyed on Twitter... Meantime there are **thousands** of people who've been to their doctor in the last few years who're saying: Guys, lay off the salt, your blood pressure's too high, stop it!

Chris Moerdyk, Marketing analyst

Lay's is a business and they're not going to supply literally a few thousand people at a loss

Chris Moerdyk, Marketing analyst

It's reported that some online stores have hiked the price of the product since the announcement.

For more insights from Moerdyk, take a listen:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why you have to lay off the Salt (& Vinegar)

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