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When the tennis spectacular Match in Africa was announced, the Roger Federer Foundation explicitly warned against buying tickets before sales were launched on the official site.

However, some fans just couldn't resist dipping their toes into the reselling market, buying tickets at vastly inflated prices to ensure they booked their spot at the Cape Town Stadium.

Among them were Karin Mahoney and her husband from Gauteng, who say they forked out R8,000 for two tickets on the Instaticket site. They also paid for plane tickets and accommodation in Cape Town.

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The couple flew down, hoping against hope that they hadn't been scammed.

The story had a happy ending, but only after they'd endured a mountain of stress, including having to validate one of the tickets with Computicket at the stadium.

Can you believe it, they've been handed to our accommodation in Green Point!

Karin Mahoney

It got them to the first row of seats right in front, that empty area sort of below the court. They were in the first seats and she said it was not ideal - they were to the side and they were actually in line of sight with the players' shoes.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

After all they went through they were thrilled because they'd begun to fear the worst **but** given the rip-off costs... and mainly the stress around, should they take their flight... any re-selling site is just off their list now forever.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler wanted to find out how tickets land up on reselling sites in the first place and received an email from official ticket seller Computicket (via owners Shoprite).

The logical deduction is that the tickets involved could only be those handed out to parties like sponsors, corporates or organisations that purchase them for staff.

Unfortunately the ticketing provider has no way of controlling what people who receive these tickets do with them after taking ownership.

Computicket statement, via Shoprite

Computicket has no affiliations with any other ticketing providers, including Instaticket and for security reasons, ticket scalping (unauthorised reselling of tickets) is prohibited... We advise that unauthorised resellers be approached directly for ticket refunds.

Computicket statement, via Shoprite

Listen to the conversation with Knowler:

(she also rates online grocery shopping sites, skip to 12:58)

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Been burned by ticket scammers? A cautionary tale about reselling sites

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