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The Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR) says it supports the incoming law taking a zero-tolerance approach to drunk driving.

It's reported that from June 2020, the new legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers will be 0%.

This means that it will be illegal for motorists to drink and drive at all.

This legislation law forms part of the controversial Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act signed into law last year.

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Dr Leana Olivier, the CEO of FARR, says the zero-tolerance law will help put an end to the confusion around the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Olivier says roadblocks and other checking points are expected to be implemented to enforce the new law.

A zero-tolerance limit, within a country where we have got such a big problem with drunken driving, is most probably the way to go.

Dr Leana Olivier, CEO - Foundation for Alcohol Related Research

Serious measures are going to be put in place with roadblocks and apparently checking points at various other sections. It is going to be enforced. The public need to take note.

Dr Leana Olivier, CEO - Foundation for Alcohol Related Research

It's no alcohol while your planning to drive. It has huge implications.

Dr Leana Olivier, CEO - Foundation for Alcohol Related Research

The Aarto Act will also introduce a driver demerit system which could see motorists lose their driving licences for repeated traffic offences.

However, the City of Cape Town has previously told CapeTalk that local and provincial government will legally oppose the implementation of the Aarto Act in the Western Cape.

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At the same time, a total of 24,827 drunk drivers were arrested by police for drunk driving over the festive season, Police Minister Bheki Cele announced last week.

During a media briefing on festive road stats, Cele told reporters that alcohol consumption was at the centre of most crime.

Listen to Dr Leana Olivier in brief discussion with Kieno Kammies:

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