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Government has put a stop to the private sector’s attempt to create a low-cost medical aid.

The move came as a shock to the industry as the Council for Medical Schemes did not engage with stakeholders before announcing the ban.

The move is widely criticised with the Free Market Foundation calling it “contradictory and irrational” and “prejudicial to lower-income individuals… who do not wish to be subjected to the vagaries of a dysfunctional public healthcare sector”.

It is difficult to understand what the motive behind this move is...

Michael Settas, Healthcare Policy Unit - Free Market Foundation

Refilwe Moloto interviewed Jasson Urbach, Director at the Free Market Foundation.

The Council for Medical Schemes unilaterally decided there will be no further development of a low-cost benefit option… and they’re banning ‘primary health insurance products’… a massive blow to lower-income individuals who enjoyed access to quality private healthcare…

Jasson Urbach, Director - Free Market Foundation

The government does not want any competition for National Health Insurance, particularly at the low-end of the market…

Jasson Urbach, Director - Free Market Foundation

It’s at odds with what we want to achieve! And that is to allow those who can afford to pay for their healthcare to do so. Then Government can focus scarce taxpayer resources on the truly destitute…

Jasson Urbach, Director - Free Market Foundation

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Government bans cheap medical aids 'to avoid competition for NHI at low-end'

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