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It’s a fantasy of flavours… It’s the best tasting veggie-anything I’ve ever had! … This is really, really, really good… I can eat vegan food if this is what is served.

Kieno Kammies, presenter - CapeTalk

Elisha Madzivadondo (“vegan since before he ever heard the word”) arguably makes the best veggie burger in Cape Town.

He’s the owner of Sunshine Food Co. in Sea Point, a tiny restaurant that can seat about six people at most.

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I’m serving a mostly wealthy community. People have said my prices are cheap. But I know what it costs me to grow per gram and my conscience won’t allow me to raise prices.

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

My burger is a masterpiece.

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

My people think that being a vegan is for thin, white people.

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

Madzivadondo arrived in South Africa from Zimbabwe almost 17 years ago with dreams of becoming a mushroom farmer.

It never worked out that way, so he made ends meet by doing odd jobs as a gardener, handyman and, eventually, a chef and butler at a fancy guesthouse.

In 2013, he quit his job to farm sprouts and microgreens on land at Oude Molen.

With his wife he used the nutrient-dense sprouts to perfect a delicious vegan patty he could flip without it crumbling.

The pair sold the patties at local food markets.

One customer, a doctor, was so in love with the nutritiously delicious burgers that he created a space in his medical practice for Madzivadondo to house the small restaurant.

Kieno Kammies interviewed Madzivadondo and taste-tested his burgers.

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Sprouting is my passion…

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

My food, when you eat it, you don’t go into a food coma. You don’t want to nap…

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

It’s made from butternut, sweet potato, coconut flour, flaxseed, sprouted mung beans, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, seasoned basil and thyme. I call it ‘The Ultimate Veggie Patty’.

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

Instead of giving you chips, which your body turns into sugar, I offer chickpea dahl.

Elisha Madzivadondo, owner - Sunshine Food Co.

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape Town’s 'best veggie burger' probably (arguably, of course) the finest in SA

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