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Outdoor running has been excitingly trending for the past few years and this year is no exception with runners hitting the streets at the start of the new decade.

There is now more need for caution because of crime on the streets.

Those who run should take the necessary precaution to avert being a target.

Though the tips below may not guarantee the elimination of crime, they will surely help you to have a safer workout.

With the staggering number of brutal attacks on women recently, we leave nothing to chance and explore some safety avenues.

Check out a few safety tips for outdoor running:

• Consider getting a running buddy, joining a running group or exploring these other running tips when going on a solo run.

If running solo:

• Let the people you trust know when and where you will be running.

• Change your routes as often as you can.

• Run in the direction of oncoming traffic.

• Don’t update your whereabouts on social media.

• Do not wear earphones.

• Run in populated areas during the daylight.

• When running at night put on reflective clothing.

• Learn some self-defence skills in case you need to escape for safety.

• And lastly, if you notice any suspicious activity, run for your life and summon help.

This article first appeared on LeadSA : Safety tips to consider when running solo

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