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Back to school, back to reality means back to your weekday routine of waking up early, getting the kids ready, preparing school lunches and battling the morning traffic.

Change can be stressful and cause anxiety, especially for those starting at a new school. Parenting Expert Nikki Bush provides some helpful tips and sanity savers for parents and kids experiencing "First Term Jitters"

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie spoke to parenting expert, author and public speaker, Nikki Bush on how you can win the back to school battle ensuring that you and your children get your school year off to a winning start.

Our children respond to parental anxiety. And they almost put a performance on for us to prove that our anxiety is correct.

- Nikki Bush, Parenting Expert

We need to believe in our children's ability to cope.

- Nikki Bush, Parenting Expert

Nikki also advises that we focus on the practical things we can control, like making sure you have stationery requirements and the uniform sorted, knowing the school timetable and morning traffic patterns.

Going back to routine is important for everybody - it is the basis of family sanity.

To calm the morning madness, something that is really useful is to switch off the television. Don't have it blaring. It is a distraction.

- Nikki Bush, Parenting Expert

Play some happy music. Pick a family anthem for the morning.

- Nikki Bush, Parenting Expert

Nikki says that these tips can set the tone for the emotions in the car on the way to school.

Listen to the full conversation below!

Nikki shares her expert advice on how to deal with TV time and technology like tablets, computers and phones.

She suggests you try the "Money or The Box" game for younger children.

It is about teaching children to take responsibility for their screen time - television or gaming.

- Nikki Bush, Parenting Expert

Listen below to learn more about the "Money or The Box" game!

To find out more about Nikki Bush, visit her website at www.nikkibush.com for practical tips and advice including her e-book, "Back-To-School: Sanity Savers".

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