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We live in the age of everything being sellable. Gwenyth Paltrow selling unique scented candles through her store Goop products.

Besides selling jade eggs and 22k gold tobacco pipes, Paltrow worked with her perfumer, Douglas Little on unique scented "vagina-scented" candles.

Yep. Your eyes didn't fool you.

If this if the direction that "new age" sophistication is going, then why join the wave and bring out products with unique scents?

Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown decided to bring out their "range" of candles and wanted to see who's candle would garner the most bids on The Flash Drive.

Carl Wastie Unique Scented Candle from The KFM Flash Drive

Carl's Eau de Cologne captures the unique fusty aroma from his feet.

Zoe Brown Unique Scented Candle from The KFM Flash Drive

Zoe's candle was inspired by the varying scents that emanate from her armpits.

The one-off and limited edition candles are available on Gumtree.
Price is negotiable so make your best offer!

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